Zeigler’s BBQ & Catering Boston Butt Fundraiser

Zeigler’s BBQ & Catering
Boston Butt Fundraiser


Our Boston Butt Fundraiser program has helped local teams raise between $1500 and $8000 for their organization.


Here’s how it works...

For a charge of $7.25 each, plus the cost of the Boston Butt at market price, (current market prices range between $10 and $13 each), Zeigler’s will cook, season and individually package each Boston Butt in a foil pan.


Zeigler’s will chill and hold the butts until your team is ready to pick them up for delivery.  Zeigler’s will then provide your supporters with reheating instructions and additional seasonings.  Each butt yields approximately 4-6 lbs. of cooked meat.

What YOUR TEAM or ORGANIZATION needs to do...

1. Contact Zeigler’s prior to setting your sell and pick-up dates to ensure availability.

2. Your group pre-sells the fully cooked and seasoned Boston Butts for anywhere from $35 to $50 each.  A minimum order of 30 butts is required.

3. Let us know at least 1 week in advance the number of butts you will need cooked.

4. You can purchase the meat directly at market price or Zeigler’s can procure the meat

through the supplier and provide you with the invoice to pay directly.

5. Provide Zeigler’s with a spreadsheet by group of pick-up times.

6. Sit back and enjoy the results of a successful fundraiser.

Bonus: Sell a 16oz. bottle of our original sauce for $5 - 

Your cost is only $3 for an easy add-on sale and profit of $2, or you can add-on to your total sale price and include as part of a package deal.

Contact us for more info on how to participate at al@zeiglersbbq.com.